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A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a few pieces of jewellery to go along with her dresses. Moreover, jewellery in India not only stokes a woman’s vanity but also works as an identity marker in many cultures. Whatever occasion it is, an Indian woman has jewellery for everything. Whether you take a bride’s gold necklace or the wedding band of a man or the little trinkets that teenagers and kids wear, jewellery will always have a place in all the cultures, across the world.

Types of jewellery

Though people often give more preference to ornaments made of gold, silver or other precious metals and gems, imitation or artificial jewellery too has gained immense prominence. Here is a list of the kinds of jewellery that you can buy online.

Gold jewellery

Nothing can be compared to the shiny yellow allure of gold ornaments. From the temple jewellery of the South Indian brides to the nature-inspired chunky pieces from Assam, every Indian state has its own love affair with gold jewellery. Apart from its value and durability, the next best thing about gold jewellery is that you can choose from different variations of gold – yellow, rose or white. The next thing to look for in gold jewellery is its purity. If you are buying it for investment purposes than every Karat matters, so make sure it comes with a certificate of purity.

Flipkart - Artificial Jewellery Collection



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