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Although they are one of the most common possessions a person has, bags are also one of the most essential things we need every day. Right from the functional ones to the funky ones, these lifestyle accessories are must-haves for anybody. We often have more than one kind of bags in our collection for different occasions. Let us look at some of these kinds that have made themselves an integral part of our lives. 

Different types of bags we use every day

What is the first thing you consider when buying a bag? Is it the occasion and the type that will go well with it? For instance, a handbag might not look out-of-place in a gym, but a gym bag will definitely be better suited for that kind of a purpose. Or you can take the example of a small sling bag; you obviously can’t carry your college books in it, for that you will need a backpack. Here is a list of some of the types of bags you should consider adding to your collection. 

Handbags – Specially crafted for women, these handheld lifestyle accessories can add a dash of glamour to a woman’s overall look. Right from the elegant leather ones that go well with the concept of power dressing to the peppy and bright ones that bring out the youthful vivacity in any woman, there is a huge collection of handbags online. Handbags often feature zipper closures. They are usually big enough to accommodate most of your daily essentials such as phones, make-up, water bottle and umbrella. 

Totes – Somewhat similar to handbags, totes feature a simpler construction and design than handbags. They often are crafted from lightweight yet sturdy materials and feature single compartments with rectangular handles. Tote bags are ideal for casual occasions like beach trips and shopping sprees. 

Backpacks – Ideal for outdoor adventure activities, office, school and college, backpacks are popular among both men and women. They are mostly ideal while travelling, as the weight of the stuff inside is equally distributed on both shoulders. Most of the backpacks come with multiple compartments with zipped closures, and extra pockets both inside and outside to store all your stuff easily. These bags are usually made of waterproof materials that make them perfect for outdoor use.

Sling Bags – Available in various designs and colors, these trendy bags are usually popular among the young generation and have adjustable straps that can be slung across your body. Slings bags are perfect if you don’t have to carry more than your lip balm, phone and purse along.

Messenger Bags – Carried mostly by men, messenger bags are a slightly bigger version of sling bags. Available in various sturdy materials such as canvas and leather, messenger bags are ideal for college or office. 

Laptop Bags – Crafted mostly from waterproof materials, laptop bags look similar to messenger bags. These laptop bags also feature a cushioned padding inside to keep your laptop safe in case of shocks and impacts. 


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