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GoAir introduces new daily flights to help make your last minute travel plans a success. Weekend getaways? Going back home for a birthday? Don't worry, we got your back. Now choose from a range of new daily flights, enjoy low fares and Fly Smart with GoAir.

Flight No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time
G8 761 Chennai Hyderabad 7:20 8:30
G8 761 Hyderabad Bhubaneswar 9:05 10:50
G8 761 Bhubaneswar Kolkata 11:30 12:55
G8 761 Kolkata Patna 13:35 14:45
G8 762 Patna Kolkata 15:15 16:25
G8 762 Kolkata Bhubaneswar 17:20 18:20
G8 762 Bhubaneswar Hyderabad 18:50 20:30
G8 762 Hyderabad Chennai 21:10 22:25
G8 605 Hyderabad Chennai 6:55 8:05
G8 605 Chennai Kolkata 8:45 11:00
G8 605 Kolkata Lucknow 11:35 13:10
G8 606 Lucknow Kolkata 16:40 18:15
G8 606 Kolkata Chenna 18:55 21:15
G8 606 Chennai Hyderabad 21:55 23:05

GoAir - More flights, more options!



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