Myntra - Flying Machine Clothing


Discover fine casual fashion with the Flying Machine brand. Open your wardrobe to the trendy cuts and irresistible styles brought to you by Flying Machine clothing. Explore the selection at Myntra and choose from a range of jeans, polo T-shirts, shirts, jackets, and sunglasses. Buy Flying Machine merchandise at Myntra and get ready to top the style charts!

Stay Stylish with Denims


The pair of blue prince slim-fit Flying Machine jeans is simple yet stylish with its eye-popping shade gradients.Pair these jeans with a simple black a pair of dark brown leather loafers. Get set for a casual date at the movies. Complete your look with a brown leather watch and gelled hair. Be assured you'll make an impression!


A pair of black Flying Machine skinny jeans will contour your body perfectly, making those legs look never-ending. Wear these with a white tie-up shirt and pick a pair of Flying Machine sunglasses to amp up the look. Complement the look with an embellished black and orange sling bag. Dash off for an interesting lecture at your favourite history museum.

Stylish Men make an Impression


There is nothing that impresses the ladies more than a man who can pull off pink just right. Pick a coral pink Flying Machine T-shirt and neutralise the look with a pair of black denims. Roll up the shirt’s sleeves and show off those well-toned arms. Don a dark brown Flying Machine jacket, and score brownie points by draping it on her shoulders when she feels cold. A pair of dark hued leather formal shoes will add the finishing touches to this perfect ensemble.


For that big breakfast meeting with your girlfriend's dad on a Sunday morning, try the Flying Machine yellow T-shirt. Mix it up with a pair of green chinos and understated navy blue suede brogues. Don't forget to wear a pair of metal rimmed Flying Machine sunglasses as you walk in. Exude a confident, stylish look that's sure to impress.

Myntra - Flying Machine Clothing



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