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Nearbuy is a Ecommerce firm specialising in experiences- where to eat, what to do and where to go. This unique site allows you to experience a city, not just visit its famous landmarks.

Customer Flow:
1. Customer makes any booking from online
2. You will get cashback after confirmation from shopping partner.

Note: Prepaid & Postpaid orders above Rs.300 will be payable cashback .

When placing an order with any of our shopping partners, if you want to place an additional order after placing an order, you need to again go through Cubber to that particular website and then place the  other/additional order.


Get Nearby Activities and Utility Services with Amazing Deals and Discounts only with Nearbuy

Imagine this- you are in an unknown city and you and your gang of friends want to have a memorable evening. You don’t know any nice places nearby and aren’t familiar with the local people. How do you go about in such a case? Nearbuy helps you by listing all the nearby restaurants, cafes, spas, activities hotels and other utility and lesuire services near you. With this information, you can easily use a local taxi/rickshaw to travel to that location for availing that particular service.

Getting the Best Leisure, Health and Wellness Services Online at Amazing Prices with Excellent Deals and Discounts

Nearbuy is a new concept in India. Generally when you want to watch a movie, eat out, visit a doctor or rent a hotel room, we tend to take the help of our friends and acquaintances to select the right service provider. We go there only on the basis of this word of mouth reference, nothing else. However, with the help of Nearbuy, you can not only view the best local service provider near your house but also ensure that you can book the service well in advance to avoid waiting in line or being disappointed due to non-availability of the service.

Nearbuy is available across India in various cities-Just log in to the website, choose your location and you will get a mélange of services at your disposal

Get Additional Cashback on Booking with Nearbuy only through Cubber

Now you can get additional cashback on booking a service/appointment with Nearbuy only via the Cubber app. This is over and above the deals, offers, discounts or coupon codes that Nearbuy may be offering. The additional cashback will be credited to your Cubber wallet if you are a Cubber Prime member.

Step 1:Download the Cubber App & Register.

Step 2: Choose the offer you are interested in and click 'Shop now'. Enter the mobile number which you registered with on Cubber. After verification, you will be redirected to the shopping site's offer page

Step 3:Choose the products you intend to purchase and pay accordingly