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Pull out all Stops for your Kid’s Wardrobe with Amazing Discounts and Cashback on Shopping via Cubber

Welcoming a child in this world is a big responsibility. To start with, once the child is born, you have to understand his/her sleeping routine and bowel movements. His/her clothing and diapers need to be purchased as and when necessary. As the child grows, he/she needs clothing, toys and books. Generally all these items are purchased by the mothers, but with the mothers being busy all the time, purchasing online is their only savior.

Buying Onesies, Shirts, Pants and Clothing Sets for your Child Online through Cubber

 From the time a child is born right up to he/she reaches 10-12 years of age, there is a constant growth spurt for the child and that means buying new clothes on a periodical basis. You start with rompers and bibs and slowly move towards miniature versions of adult clothing like T-shirts, shirts, jeans, pants, ethnic wear and the like.

As a working mother, we understand how difficult it is for you to juggle childcare and work responsibilities. At Cubber, we have created a system where you can just log on to Cubber, select the website from where you want to purchase, make the purchase and you are done. Cubber will calculate and send you cashback in your Cubber wallet once we get confirmation of the transaction. The cashback paid can be over and above the deals, discounts and offers offered by the respective Ecommerce shopping partners of Cubber. So the next time you realize that your son/daughter needs new clothes, you know where to find them.

Step 1:Download the Cubber App & Register.

Step 2: Choose the offer you are interested in and click 'Shop now'. Enter the mobile number which you registered with on Cubber. After verification, you will be redirected to the shopping site's offer page

Step 3:Choose the products you intend to purchase and pay accordingly