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Estimated Payment : 60 Days

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iBhejo is partner with various fulfillment services providers and resellers in India and the U.S. to procure genuine products at the best prices and deliver them to you as fast as possible. In some cases we may deal directly with suppliers in other cases we will purchase from qualified retailers. In most cases unless specified in the listing, we have not partnered with or maintain a direct relationship to the brands mentioned.

Customer Flow: -
1. Customer makes any transaction.
2. Sale is counted & cashback will be added after successful transaction of order.

Note: When placing an order with any of our shopping partners, if you want to place an additional order after placing an order, you need to again go through Cubber to that particular website and then place the  other/additional order.

Shopping has changed in the time of internet

Without leaving your comfort zone you shop online your favorite products on your doorsteps from all around the world. The meaning of shopping has modified with the transformation of the Internet. A lot of customers are using the World Wide Web to shop for all kinds of products, from fashionable clothes, bags and footwear to electronics Gadgets, perfumes and much more. The number of Retail, E-Commerce & shopping websites has expand broadly and so has the number of customers. One of it is www.ibhejo.com

iBhejo – A website which gives you international brands on your door steps

Online shopping has a lot of benefits over door to door shopping. Online shopping allows you to buy any product, anywhere at any time. It is helpful for working people to mothers with small children who has no time to go over different hassles of buying products on store. In old days you have to wait for someone to comeback from US for your desired products. Now you just have to click a button and your product will be on your doorstep with original quality and genuine price. iBhejo is online retail website which offers international brands in India. It has a lot of products like Personal care, Beauty products, Watches, Bags, wallets, sunglasses.

They have baby products also on their website like Toys, Feeding and nursing products, baby skin care, bad and safety, food, fashion, strollers etc. Moreover they have kitchen appliances, Electronic gadgets and office related products too. They partner with many fulfillment services providers and resellers in India and the U.S. to get genuine products at the best prices and deliver them to you as fast as possible. Some of the brands you can find include Apple, Armani, Fossil, Google, Sony,HP, Puma, Marc Jacobs, Samsonite, Vogue and lots more all the way from US.

Shopping Online on iBhejo for more cashback via Cubber

Now you can get the latest brand Productonline on iBhejo via the Cubber app with amazing deals, discounts and offers. Cubber Prime Members can avail of an additional cashback in their Cubber wallets over and above these discounts, deals and offers.

Step 1:Download the Cubber App & Register.

Step 2: Choose the offer you are interested in and click 'Shop now'. Enter the mobile number which you registered with on Cubber. After verification, you will be redirected to the shopping site's offer page

Step 3:Choose the products you intend to purchase and pay accordingly