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Priority Pass is part of Priority Travel Group, a division of the Collinson Group, specialising in the international travel clubs and services sector.Priority Pass is the largest and most prestigious independent airport VIP Lounge access program in the world since 1992 with the objective of providing frequent travelers with airport lounge access, irrespective of their class of travel, airline flown or existing membership in an airline loyalty program.

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Easier to secure access to a quiet, restful place between departures

Priority pass is a program acquired by Collinson Group that provides members with entry to airport lounges around the world. The company was established in 1992 and assures to be the largest network of airport lounges in the world. In Priority, contrary memberships that get you access to a single carrier's airport lounges, Priority Pass has partnered with over 1,000 lounge locations across the globe. This makes it even easier to secure access to a quiet, restful place between departures and catch up on work or conversation for you.

Book your membership of Priority pass and make your travel experience better

Lounge access can transform the way you travel. prioritypass.comtrades three classes of fellowships directly from its website, including Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige, which each provide different levels of access. A fourth class of membershipis involved with certain credit cards. Vacationsare inevitable if traveling to all but the biggest destinations, and having somewhere to stretch out, grab a bite to eat, recharge your electronics, and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet can make a big difference to your travel experience. started adding services at airports other than lounges in 2017, like airport hotels, bars and restaurants. The Priority pass of your membership will be accepted at airport lounges in over 400 cities all over the world.             

Most importantly, there are no restraints based on the airline you fly or the class of ticket you purchased. Your membership is all you need to get in the lounge!! Also like traditional airline-operated lounges, these partners provide flattering beverages and snacks and Internet access - away from the busy terminal. Conference rooms and computer terminals are also available at many places.

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The Priority Pass Lounge system affirms to be the largest airport lounge network. Now you can be a part of it. Just book your membership via Cubber and get additional cashback which is above and over of priority pass discounts and offers.

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