Fragrance And Fashion Sweet Mogra Herbal Attar(Mogra)


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The King of Flowers” A master blend of Mogra flowers in a base of pure Sandalwood oil. This is one of the more rare and unique fragrances of the Jasmine family and the ever popular Jasminum grandiflorum are in this Attar. At first sniff, this fragrance is pleasing. This is a fragrance that can open the place of inner acceptance of the great secret to happiness, “Happiness is for those who would but choose it”. Innocence, purity and nobility return. This fragrance can uplift even the most exhausted soul. This is the merging of “Heaven and Earth” a strong, sweet, earthy fragrance. Jasmine symbolizes, we are what we make of our selves. We are the power and we are the control.

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