Herbal Tantra HTAS010257 Herbal Attar(Woody)


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  • Model Name
    Choya Loban Attar Gift Pack
  • Bottle Design
  • Suitable For
    Daily, Festives

This incredible choya loban attar is capable of curing many of the health troubles due to the various therapeutic properties carried by it. This perfume oil is obtained through the heating of directly added benzoin in a particular earthen ware. In the receiving container, more volatile principles of gum are distilled to produce this amazing choya loban attar by using the natural way. The Hydro-distillation method is used to extract it and procure pure and organic perfume oil. It is highly used since ancient times to produce incense related products, in religious work and other similar purposes. Its therapeutic properties make it highly effective cure for respiratory related problems like asthma, coughs, lung infections and many more. Along with these, Aromatherapy and perfume industry widely uses this perfume oil for their particular purposes.

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