Herbal Tantra HTAS010258 Herbal Attar(Woody)


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  • Model Name
    Choya Ral Attar Gift Pack
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  • Suitable For
    Daily, Festives

Choya Ral Attar is derived from the dry skin of the wild tree by using the Hydro-distillation method. Its extraction requires very complex process to follow. With the heating of the wild tree’s bark in a special earth pot and then from the burnt bark and some essential oils like sandalwood oil which is used as base, this attar is prepared. It is native to India and highly used for performing holy rituals like hawan. Its pious value makes it favorable for incense making businesses. It blends well with sandalwood oil and possesses very intense, exotic and sensuous fragrance. It is used as a natural perfume as well as used in the manufacturing of various perfumes. Its therapeutic properties make it useful for aromatherapy treatment to calm and sooth anxious mental state.

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