Herbal Tantra HTAS010262 Floral Attar(Floral)


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  • Model Name
    Gardenia Attar Gift Pack
  • Bottle Design
  • Suitable For
    Daily, Festives

he pure and organic Gardenia perfume oil is obtained through the traditional Hydro-distillation extraction process of fresh flower petals of Gardenia plant. This plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions of African countries. This flowering plant has white rose like flowers and dark green leaves, and it blossoms between the periods of mid-spring to mid-summer. This attar is having highly pleasant, floral and lovely aroma which is widely used for the purpose of getting relaxed and distressed mental state. Its aroma can amazingly calm and sooth your mind when used with aromatherapy treatment. Its fragrance is also required in the perfume industry to make exotic perfumes and also in the production of fragrant cosmetics and incense.

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