Herbal Tantra HTAT5001 Herbal Attar(Agarwood)


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  • Model Name
    Agarwood Attar
  • Bottle Design
  • Suitable For
    Daily, Festives

The enchanting Agarwood attar is derived from the dried woods of old agarwood plant by using the Hydro-Distillation extraction method. This perfume oil is completely pure and organic due to the traditional extraction process used for its extraction. The scientific name of this plant is Aquilaria Malaccensis and it belongs to the Thymelaeaceae family. This plant is very rare plant which is found in the places like India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia and some other countries. This attar possesses highly exotic fragrance and has very soothing and relaxing effect on mind and body. Its pleasant aroma is broadly used in the aromatherapy treatment and in the production of various expensive perfumes. Due to its strong medicinal properties, it is also demanded in the medicine and cosmetic industry as well.

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