Practice Guru PCM Combo Pack Class 11 & 12 Test Series(CD)


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Chemistry : Atoms and Molecules, Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States,Atomic Structure, Properties of Elements, Bonding and Molecular Structure,Energetics, Chemical Equilibria, Electrochemistry, Solutions, ChemicalKinetics, Surface Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, NonMetals, Compounds of Metals,Compounds of Nonmetals, Transition Elements, Metallurgy, Hybridization,Isomerism and Nomenclature, Inductive and Resonance Effects, Alkanes, Alkenes,Alkynes, Benzene, Alcohols, Alkyl and Aryl Halides, Aldehydes and Ketones,Carboxylic Acids, Phenols, Amines, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Peptides,PolymersMathematics : Complex Numbers, Theory of Equations, Progressions,Logarithm, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Matrices,Determinants, Inequalities, Probability, Elementary Trigonometry, Solution ofTriangles, Trigonometric Equations, Inverse Trigonometric Function, Straightlines, Circles, Pair of Straight Lines, Conic Section, Three DimensionalGeometry, Vector Algebra, Functions, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation,Applications of Derivatives, Indefinite Integration, Definite Integrals,Differential EquationsPhysics : Units and Dimensions, Motions in One Dimension,Vectors, Motion in Two Dimension, Laws of Motion and Friction, Work, Energy andPower, Momentum and Collisions, Rigid Body Rotation, Gravitation, Elasticity,Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves and DopplersEffect, Thermal Expansion, Measurement of Heat, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theoryof Gases, Transmission of Heat, Electrostatic Field and Potential, Capacitanceand Capacitors, Electric Current And D.C. Circuits, Heating Effect of Current,Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and A.C. Circuits, RayOptics, WaveOptics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear PhysicsEnglish Proficiency:Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Composition+MOCK TESTS for PCM COMBOPACK CLASS 11 & 12+ Previous year papersAdditional Features! 1. Runs without internet!2. Immediate scores and solutions!3. Compatible with Windows XP/7/84. Online support5. Complete career planner chart with PDF filescontaining relevant details.6. Fun games for brain exercise7. Previous year papers in PDF format also, forprint out facility!8. Random questions in a test every time youpractice!9. Access to our online portal Practiceguru.infor ONLINE TESTS - National Rankings and comparative analysis!________________________________________

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